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Jigsaw Puzzle is a beautiful recreation of a real jigsaw puzzle. You can choose from 4 to 400 pieces on tablets or up to 100 pieces on smaller screens. Solving puzzles is relaxing, rewarding, and keeps your mind sharp.

Over 10,000 Puzzles!

Every puzzle is cut differently, so no two are the same. Move loose pieces to the margins and zoom in and out to focus on one area. Assemble pieces into groups, then move and connect the groups. Jigsaw Puzzle saves your works in progress so you can return and work on them any time.

New ones added weekly!

For a greater challenge, turn on Piece Rotation. For the truly ambitious, there are also Tournament and Patterns packs. More than 10,000 puzzles are available for download including lots of free packs, and new puzzles are added weekly. You can even make puzzles from your photos. There are more than 40 achievements to earn and you can share completed puzzles with friends and family on Facebook and Twitter.

See what you've been missing. Download Jigsaw Puzzle today!

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